How do I get Nurevam to join my server?

Make sure you have the Manage Server permission, log in on the website with your discord account and you will see a list of the servers that you have the Manage Server permission for. Select the server you want Nurevam to join.

How can I enable the plugins?

Select the plugin you want to run and confirm that you want to enable it.

Why did a command not working?

Please make sure you have the respective plugin enabled. It may ask for the roles, permissions etc, also checked if this command is a subcommand which you will need to use the chain command.

What is the subcommand?

The subcommand comes after a main command. For example: role from mod plugin or clean as well are subcommands, so you would have to say !role add @person role_name

If i write !clean, it will just clean all bot messages, however if i write !clean all it will clean all message, including user messages. Role does the same thing with add/remove.

Bascially, it is just <Main command> <subcommand>

What is my profile?

Your profile is a global setting for all servers with Nurevam. If you, for example, have a Anilist profile and enter your username on the website, you don't have to write down !anilist <username>, but instead just !anilist and the bot will do the work for you!

Why are there so many permissions?

It is entirely up to you, which permissions you give. I included all permission, so you can pick. I would recommend leaving the manage message permission checked, so it can delete your and it's own messages (with the clean command).

What is this log plugin?

The log plugin will keep you updated on what happens to the server. For example: Did a user delete a message, change his avatar, etc. This is, so that you can stay informed. Normally, this is for admins/mods who want to be kept informed and not confused about what happens.(I kinda don't like the edit/delete message, it is the user's privacy, right...)

I got request about...

You got an idea or any request? Feel free to PM me or join the server here and I will think about it.

I found a bug/problem...

Really?! Rats, those are hiding from me! Please PM me or join the server here, I will gladly do my best to fix them!

I want to make a plugin...

Go for it! If you don't understand how to set it up, please inform me, I will try to set up tutorials. You will need some knowledge on python3.5. Check requirements.txt and see what is required.

I will review it and give feedback on what you need to improve on!

This is a copycat of Mee6!

I have got the permission from the creator of Mee6, Cookie. He gave his approval and said "go for it!". Furthermore, my code is different to his and the only similarity we have is the website design.

I got a question about this FAQ or something else...

Feel free to PM me or join the server here. I will gladly answer your question and add something to this FAQ.